Official NL 2-7 Rules – Single & Triple Draw

PokerStars.comThis article will cover the official nl 2-7 rules for both single draw and triple draw games. Both games follow the same rules accept there are three draws when playing 2-7 Triple Draw as opposed to one draw when playing 2-7 Single Draw.

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NL 2-7 Single Draw Rules

First lets take a look at the NL 2-7 Single Draw rules after which we will show you how NL 2-7 Triple Draw rules differ.

NL 2-7 rules are the same as Holdem rules when it comes to the small and big blind. The small blind sits directly to the left of the dealer and the big blind sits directly to the left of the small blind. The small blind is always 50% of the big blind. The dealer starts by dealing to the player to the left of the big blind and deals around the table in a clockwise direction until all players are holding five un exposed cards.

After all players have five cards the pre draw betting round begins starting with the player to the left of the big blind. Action moves around the table in a clockwise direction until the first round of betting is completed. Any players who remain in the hand then move forward to the drawing round. During the drawing round players have the chance to swap their cards with cards that remain in the deck, there is no maximum or minimum amount of cards a player can swap and you don’t have to draw any cards if you don’t want to. Not drawing any cards during the drawing round is known as ‘standing pat’.

Once all players have had the chance to draw cards a final round of betting commences followed by a showdown if required. NL 2-7 rules are more or less the same when playing Triple Draw, you can check out the differences below.

NL 2-7 Triple Draw Rules

The official NL 2-7 Triple Draw rules are basically the same as the Single Draw rules apart from when playing Triple Draw there are three draws and when playing Single Draw there is only one draw. So, the action goes pre draw betting round > drawing round > betting round > drawing round > betting round > drawing round > betting round > showdown. Four betting rounds and three drawing rounds in total.

2-7 Triple Draw is usually played as a fixed limit game where as 2-7 Single Draw is usually a no limit game. There are more betting rounds when playing Triple Draw and therefore more chances to get money into the pot. NL 2-7 rules basically state that you can bet whatever amount you want whenever you want.

If the dealer runs out of cards during any of the drawing rounds then the cards which have already been discarded are shuffled and used to dish out to players.

When playing 2-7 Triple Draw players are allowed to sand pat during any betting round and then draw cards in a later betting round if they wish.

2-7 Hand Rankings

When playing any 2-7 poker game aces are always considered high cards, straights count against your hand and flushes count against your hand as well. This makes the best possible holding 2-3-4-5-7. The winner of any hand is determined by looking at their highest card first. If players hold the same high card then the next highest card is used and so on until a winner is determined. Players who showdown identical hands will split the pot equally.

When using 2-7 hand rankings the aim is always to make the lowest hand possible which makes pairs, three of a kind, straights, flushes and better really bad hands. You could say that the worst possible hand is the winner. NL 2-7 rules are always exactly the same where hand rankings are concerned.

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