2-7 Triple Draw Tips

PokerStars.com2-7 Triple Draw is a fairly unknown game when it comes to strategy. This article will cover four of what we think are the best 2-7 Triple Draw tips out there. After you have read it you may also want to give our 2-7 Triple Draw strategy article a look. You can do so by using the previous link.

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1) Position, position, position!

Position is always important in any form of poker but even more so when playing 2-7 triple draw and other forms of draw poker. This is because we don’t have the advantage of being able to see any of our opponents cards therefore the only pieces of information available to us are how many cards they draw and their actions during betting rounds. When you play hands in position you are able to see your opponents actions and react to them. This is a major advantage and it’s no surprise that playing in position is much more profitable than playing out of position.

Knowing this we can alter our starting hand requirements by widening our range when we have position and playing tighter out of position. Hands with only 2 cards to the nut low become much more playable in position.

2) One card draws vs jack high

With only one draw remaining a jack high hand is a favorite over any hand which is drawing one card. If we have position then when the final draw takes place we can make a much more informed decision about our hand. If our opponent stands pat and we hold a jack high hand then we can break our hand an attempt to outdraw our opponent. If our opponent draws one card we can stand pat and be a favorite to take down the pot.

You might now be seeing a pattern emerging in our 2-7 triple draw tips, position is key!

3) Bet when you are drawing fewer cards

When in position you get to see how many cards your opponent draws before you draw. If at any point you see your opponent is drawing more cards than you then you should bet. This is because at this point you have the best hand, sure you might only have a drawing hand but you need less cards to complete your hand therefore making it stronger than your opponents. When you have the lead, even if you still need cards to complete your hand, you should charge your opponent to draw cards whenever possible.

4) Knowing when to give up

Knowing when to give up a hand is always important when playing 2-7 Triple Draw, especially if you are snowing as a bluff. This 2-7 Triple Draw tip is more focused on fixed limit games but still applies in most situations. If at any point during a hand in which you are bluffing your opponent stands pat and checks to you then you can be sure they are checking with the intention of calling and taking the hand to showdown. Whilst you know they don’t have a really strong hand you can also know that they aren’t folding. Know when to give up on your bluff in this situation as you are burning money.