Badugi Tips Guide

PokerStars.comThis Badugi tips guide we have put together includes links to all of our most popular Badugi poker pages. It includes everything from general Badugi rules and how to play to strategy advice and drawing odds. The Badugi tips guide also has a section at the end which will show you where to play Badugi online, how to deal Badgui and link to an interesting discussion about the luck vs skill factor when playing Badugi. If you’ve never played the game before then we suggest you start with the Badugi Rules article but if you’ve got a few hours of play under your belt then you might want to skip straight to the strategy article and the article about drawing odds.

Badugi Tips Guide

Badugi Rules – This article covers everything you’ll need to know to learn how to play Badugi. It covers all the rules, including the reshuffle rule, and talks you through how hands of Badugi are played. If you are new to the game then this should be your first port of call, if you’ve played a bit of Badugi already then you might want to skip this one.

Badugi Strategy – This strategy article is aimed at advanced players but the concepts covered are key to any winning Badugi poker strategy. It covers starting hand selection and when and when not to snow. If you’re looking to improve you win rate at the tables then this article should help you no end.

Badugi Odds – When playing any form of poker the mathematical side of the game is always key. This article covers Badugi draw odds and discusses when you should and shouldn’t break your weak Badugi’s. It also includes a handy system which you can use to work out the percentage chance of hitting any draw.

Online Badugi Poker Tips

Play Badugi Online – If you want to play Badugi online then you should check out this article. We’ve included it in our Badugi tips guide because it gives an honest evaluation of online options for Badugi players.

PokerStars Badugi – This article focuses specifically on the Badugi poker games available at Everyone who’s played Badugi online knows Pokerstars is the best place to play, it’s got the most traffic and a nice $600 bonus for all new players.

Badugi Freeroll – For anyone looking to practice a bit before they launch into the real money games this article will show you some Badugi freeroll options. They are few and far between but we’ve found one that’ll give you a shot at $2,000 if you can manage to get through the qualifying round.

Other Badugi Articles

How To Deal Badugi – This article should help anyone who’s planning on running a Badugi home game or needs to learn to deal Badugi. It covers how to deal a single hand and some special rules you must know if you plan on dealing any Badugi poker game.

Badugi Home Game Tournament Structures – Another article for the live poker players, this one suggests what a good home game structure for a Badugi tournament would be. Both multi table tournaments and sit and go tournaments are covered. It also gives tips on how to extend or shorten the blinds based on how many players you have.

Badugi Skill Vs Luck – Badugi is considered by many to be a pure gambling game but this article throws that theory right out of the window. There might be an element of luck in Badugi but there’s no question that the more skillful players will get the money in the end!