How To Deal Badugi

PokerStars.comThis article will show you how to deal Badugi. Badugi poker has become popular in the online world recently and since it was added to the spread of games at PokerStars there has been a load of action online including some seriously high stakes $200/$400 games running. The more press any game gets the more people want to play it and Badgui has slowly but surely started being played in live casinos and in home games.

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Learning to deal Badugi poker isn’t actually that difficult once you’ve got the hand of it and if you can deal 2-7 Triple Draw then you’ll have no problem dealing Badugi, the two games are virtually identical. If you don’t already know what beats what when it comes to Badugi then you should check out this article before you learn to deal the game: Badugi rules, it’s crucial you know which hand is the winner at showdown when dealing any game.

Learn How To Deal Badugi Poker

Badugi starts with a big and small blind. To determine who’s first to post the blinds you must high card for dealer. Each player gets one card face up and the player with the lowest card is designated the deal or gets the dealer button if the game is not self dealt. If two players have the same card then they each get another card and so on until one becomes dealer.

After the small and big blinds are posted you must deal each player four cards each which are kept face down at all times. A betting round starts with the player to left of the big blind and the remaining players then move onto the first drawing round.

As the dealer it is now your job to go around the table one player at a time and allow them to draw cards. Players may draw up to 4 cards in any drawing round and don’t have to draw any if they don’t want. Players must only ever have 4 cards in their hand at any one time.

If a player wants to draw 2 cards then you take their 2 cards and place them in a separate pile. You then replace their 2 cards with the two from the top of the deck. You never move onto the next players draw until the first players draw is completed so basically one player at a time until everyone has had the chance to draw cards.

Another betting round takes place which is followed by another drawing round. Drawing rounds are always dealt in the same way. A betting round then takes place followed by the final drawing round. After the final drawing round one last betting round takes place which is followed by a showdown.

As you can Badugi is dealt in the same way that 2-7 Triple Draw is dealt. There is one special rule you must know when learing how to deal Badugi. This is discussed below.

special Badugi Dealing Rules

In the incredibly rare situation at an 8 handed table that no players have folded their hand you will find that you may run out of cards. Potentially each player could draw 4 cards each drawing round which would result in the deck running out. This is super unlikely but theoretically it could happen.

If the above situation does occur then any cards that have been previously discarded should be re shuffled and used to allow players to draw from. The chances of ever needing to do this when dealing Badugi are really slim but still possible.

A good way to get used to the mechanics of Badugi is to play a bit online. To play Badugi online visit

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