Badugi Draw Odds In Any Given Hand

PokerStars.comKnowing your odds when playing Badugi can give you a real edge over any opponent. Badugi draw odds are actually quite easy to work out. This Badugi odds article will teach you a simple yet very effective way of working out your draw odds when playing Badugi. The math itself isn’t hard and once you have learned the technique then you’ll be able to apply it when at the table in just a few seconds.

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When playing Badugi the odds of improving your hand when drawing depend on how many draws remain and how many outs you have. It doesn’t matter if you drawing to a three card hand of breaking a made Badugi the previous two factors will always determine the odds of you making or not making your hand.

Using the following sum you can work out your odds of improving when drawing as a percentage.

2 x number of outs x number of draws

Lets look at an example to make it a little more clear. You have been dealt a 3 card hand and know that you must improve to a Badugi if you are going to win the pot. Two draws remain and you hold Ac 2s 3d 9d. There are 10 possible cards which can improve your hand 4c, 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9c, Tc, Jc, Qc ,Kc which means you have a total of 10 outs. So the sum goes as follows:

2 x 10 (number of outs) x 2 (number of draws) = 40

You then take the result of your sum and turn it directly into a percentage which means you have a 40% chance of completing your draw by the time both drawing rounds are complete. This sum works in all situations as long as you know the number of outs you have and the number of draws that remain.

Badugi Odds Table

Now, although the sum above is accurate it is not 100% perfect. If you compare it to the Badugi odds table below you will see that there are some differences but lets face it it’s always going to be easier when in a hand to use the sum provided than to check and odds table or memorize all the different Badugi drawing odds.

Outs 1 Draw 2 Draws 3 Draws
1 2% 4% 6%
2 4% 8% 12%
3 6% 12% 18%
4 8% 16% 23%
5 10% 20% 29%
6 13% 24% 34%
7 15% 27% 38%
8 17% 31% 43%
9 19% 34% 47%
10 21% 38% 51%

Other Considerations

Just because there are 10 cards in the deck which will improve your hand that doesn’t mean all 10 outs will make you the winning hand. If an opponent has shown significant strength then you may need to make a stronger hand than you think to win the pot.

Try to determine how strong your opponent is and factor it into your calculation. If you think your opponent has a J high Badugi then you must remove any Q or K from your outs calculation as these cards will improve your hand but not enough to make it a winner.

You’ll be amazed when you play Badugi online how many players simply have no clue about Badugi draw odds. Learning to use the calculation above will really help you play Badugi profitably.

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