Badugi Skill Vs Luck

PokerStars.comMany poker players, even experienced live pro’s, consider Badugi to be a game of pure luck. They couldn’t be more wrong. Badugi skill Vs luck was a hot topic when Pokerstars added Badugi to their selection of online poker options and it didn’t take long before the doubters were proved wrong. Big winners began to emerge over a significant sample size. The players who had experience were clearing up against the inexperienced players in the games. A year down the line and it’s still happening, the players who’ve worked on their game and studied Badugi strategy are consistently winning.

Any good at Badugi? Then is the place you should be playing.

In most states of the USA and countries around the world poker is considered a game of luck. The luck vs skill argument has ran for many years and is still running right now. In fact it has got so bad in the USA that most states are classing poker alongside casino games and banning it online.

One things for sure, if they find a way to tax it you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll make it legal.

Badugi contains all of the same elements that other poker games have which allow the better player to have an edge over the less skilled opponent. You could legitamately argue that any hand of poker, including Badugi, that is won without showdown is pure skill. Any player that can recognize their opponents tendencies and adapt to them will have an edge in the game. If you can bluff your opponent of the best hand when you hold nothing you are taking the luck element out of the game completely.

There is no way you could sit a complete novice next to Phil Ivey, Doyle Brunson or Tom Dwan and expect them to come out a winner over a significant sample of hands. Like it or not the general public is soon going to have to accept that poker is a game of both skill and luck in which the more skilled opponent will come out on top.

When playing Badugi there are three drawing rounds. The nature of the game dictates that players will outdraw each other from time to time but that doesn’t mean it’s a game of pure luck. If you have the best hand then it will win the majority of the time and show a profit. If you play weak hands and constantly draw with the incorrect odds you will hit your miracle some of the time but over the long run you will be a losing player.

The more Badugi skill you have the bigger your win rate will be. The better you can read your opponents hand the more money you will make. The more skillful you are the more cash you will win.

Badugi is still a new game in the online world and as a result many of the Badugi games online are full of weak players. Non more so than the games at If you have a basic understand of Badugi then you should fair very well online.

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