Korean Poker Online

PokerStars.comKorean Poker is more commonly known in the online world as Badugi. Badugi is a four card poker game which uses it’s very own unique hand ranking system. The winning hand is always the lowest possible hand with a rainbow A-2-3-4 being the best possible hand you can make. The game was first introduced online by Pokerstars in 2008 and since has become poplar with many online players.

Play Korean Poker Online

Pokerstars is the number one place to play Korean poker (Badugi) online. Traffic in the Pokerstars Badugi games is good and at peak times you can expect to see 20 or more cash games running ranging from 25c/50c right up to $10/$20. Multi table tournaments and sit and go tournaments run on a less regular basis but do get traffic at peak times.

The only other place to offer Badugi online is the Merge poker network which at this time is to small to spread Badugi on a regular basis. The tables are in the lobby but there are no players playing at them.

Pokerstars.com is pretty much the only place to play Korean Poker online.

Origins Of Korean Poker / Badugi

Badugi is thought to have been invented during the 1960’s in South Korea. No one really knows exactly when Korean poker first came on the scene but it is widely accepted that Paul ‘Eskimo’ Clark was the first to introduce the game into the USA.

For that point onwards the game has gone under several names and been played in most Las Vegas casinos. Badugi, Paldugi, Padookie or whatever you want to call it has become one of the most popular high stakes limit cash games and you will find it on most of the Vegas mixed game rosters.

For more information about the origins of Korean Poker check out this article: Badugi History

Korean Poker Players – Steve Sung and Jimmy Cha

The most notable Korean poker player is without a doubt WSOP bracelet holder Steve Sung who has multiple tournament cashes of over $100,000 which include 1st place in the 2009 WSOP $1,000 no limit Holdem event for $771,338. Other cashes of note include his $112,041 3rd place cash in the 2009 $10,000 2-7 lowball event. Sung also has an impressive 9 cashes in the WPT to his name and in total four WSOP final tables.

Steve Sung’s total lifetime earnings now exceed $3,000,000.

Before Steve Sung came along Jimmy Cha was considered by many to be the best of the Korean Poker Players. Born in 1951 Cha has managed multiple WSOP cashes with his biggest WSOP win coming in 2002 when he came 5th for $16,280 in the 7 card stud hi/lo split event. Jimmy Cha’s biggest ever cash came later in 2004 when he took down 3rd place and $77,663 in the 2,500 Borgata Poker Open held in Atlantic City.

Future Of Korean Poker

Korean Poker looks like it’s here to stay and now Pokerstars have given places the chance to play online the popularity is expected to boom over the coming years. Talks of a Badugi WSOP event are heightening but for now you’ll just have to get over to Pokerstars.com to play.