New Poker Games to Learn and Play Online

PokerStars.comThere are a lot of people who think that Texas hold’em is the only poker game out right now since it is the only game you really see on television. Those people are very wrong. There are quite a few new poker games to learn that not too many people have really given a chance to see just how profitable the games can be. Games like Texas hold’em and the different Omaha poker variants have become over populated with regular grinders. Playing against other good players is not the best way to make money. You want to play in a field where the fish outnumber the regular players.

Here are a few of the new poker games to learn. These are some of the fishiest variations of poker around and can all be played at

New Games

Deuce to Seven Lowball – 2-7 lowball can be played as either Triple Draw or Single Draw, both games use the 2-7 hand rankings system and are pretty easy to get to grips with. Single Draw is usually played as a no limit game whilst Triple Draw is more common as a limit game. You can find out about both games and how to play on the following pages: How to play Triple Draw, How To Play Single Draw

Badugi Poker – Badugi is a form of draw poker that not a lot of players really understand even a lot of the good players kind of suck at it. You are dealt a 4 card starting hand and there are 3 drawing rounds. The object is to get a hand which contains all 4 suits and no pairs (known as a Badugi) and the player with the lowest hand wins. Since this is a draw game there is a lot of room to win big by playing tight and capitalizing on the weak hands of your opponents. You might want to get out this article if you are planning to learn to play Badugi: How To Play Badugi

Razz Poker – Razz is a game that is very similar to 7 Card Stud except the lowest hand wins and straights and flushes count for nothing. This is another good game to get into because most of the players online will be fish. There aren’t too many strong players at most Razz tables because the game hasn’t really opened up enough for regulars to flood it. The few players who are taking advantage of the game at the moment are winning big. For more info check out this article: How To Play Razz

HORSE – HORSE is a mixed game that includes hold’em, Omaha, Razz, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Eight or Better. This is probably the hardest game to get into because you need to know how to play all of the different games reasonably well. As long as you are decent at most of the games you should be able to dominate the tables. Most players at the HORSE tables and in HORSE tournaments only really know one game, two at max. While these players might be better than you at one specific game you will be better than them at all of the other games. As long as you are careful against players who seem strong in a specific game even playing fairly decent in each game will show to be very profitable. Find out about HORSE poker online here: HORSE Poker

Learning to play new poker games is one of the best possible ways to increase your win rate becasue the less that’s known about a game the worse the general standard of play is. Loads of people can now play Holdem to a good standard but there are hardley any who can play, 2-7 lowball games, Razz, Badugi or HORSE to a good standard. If you put some hours in at the tables learning a new game then you will reep the rewards of playing against a much weaker player base.

You can play all of the above games at