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PokerStars.comOmaha Hi Lo is without a doubt the most popular of the high low split online poker games. It is spread at most online poker sites with the best action going down at This article intends to provide the top Omaha Hi Lo tips available in order to help you gain an edge over your opponents when playing online. It will cover everything from Omaha Hi Lo stating hands, drawing after the flop and your position at the table.

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Top Omaha Hi Lo Poker Tips

The first of our Omaha Hi Lo tips deals with starting hand selection. The best hands in Omaha Hi Lo are the ones that have the potential to win both the high side of the pot and the low side. These are known as two-way hands because they have potential to go both ways. Although it’s a debated topic many consider the best Omaha Hi Lo starting hand possible to be an A-A-2-3 that is double suited. This hand clearly has great low potential and stands a good chance of making a straight or a flush as well to win the high pot. It’s a fantastic two-way hand and one you should be looking to play 100% of the time! Our first Omaha Hi Lo tip is basically to evaluate the strength of your hand based on it’s potential to win both the high and the low pot. Scooping the pot is where the best players really cash in on the Omaha Hi Lo online tables.

Second on our list of Omaha Hi Lo tips is to control yourself when you are dealt big pairs. Far too many players overvalue big pairs when playing Omaha Hi Lo. Whilst there are big pair hands that are playable such as K-K-2-3 the vast majority are only one way hands and should be binned preflop. Getting into a situation where you can only win the high side of the pot is a bad idea because you have instantly halved your potential profit from the hand.

The third of our Omaha Hi Lo poker tips involves knowing when to draw and when not to draw after the flop. Please note: Just because you have A-2 in your hand doesn’t mean you have to draw to the river trying to make the nut low. In fact if you hold A-2-x-x and the flop comes K-J-5 you should be folding to a bet. This is one of the biggest leaks in most new Omaha Hi Lo players games, make sure you’re not the sucker chasing the low pot with A-2 when you need running cards to complete your hand!

The fourth Omaha Hi Lo tip follows on directly from the third and is quite simple, read it and remember it. 9 times out of 10 drawing to a non nut low in a multi way pot is suicide. The more players in the pot the worse an idea it is because the more likely that one of those players is drawing to the nut low, especially if only one card is needed to complete any low draw. When playing Omaha Hi Lo you do not want to be in a position where you make the second best low hand and have no chance of winning the high pot. You’ll be burning money.

Our fifth and final tip is the simplest to follow and easiest to implement. For Gods sake if you’re an Omaha Hi Lo player then you should be playing your poker at Pokerstars. It is the best poker site for Omaha Hi Lo by an absolute mile. Get over to Pokerstars and sort yourself out with some real Omaha Hi Lo action.

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