Razz Bankroll Management

Good Razz bankroll management is just as important as any other form of poker bankroll management. The bottom line is if you don’t have a hold over your roll then you’re on the road to bustoville. So many good players who should be making a decent income from poker screw things up big time when it comes to managing their bankroll and as a result they end up as losing players. This article will cover four Razz bankroll management topics; Razz bankroll management for tournaments, Razz bankroll management for sit and go’s, Razz bankroll management for cash games and finally Razz bankroll management for heads up players.

Razz Tournaments Bankroll Management

It is generally accepted that professional multi table tournament poker player should have at least 100 buy ins in their bankroll no matter what form of the game they are playing. Recreational but still serious players tend to go with somewhere between 50 and 100 buy ins for their current level of play.

It is possible to get away with fewer buy ins in your Razz multi table poker bankroll but to do this successfully you’d need to have a very good ROI (return on investment). The bench mark set by the top online pro’s is around the 100% ROI mark, if your any close to this then your doing pretty awesome. Anything between 40% and 70% is pretty damn good and anything less than 30% but still in the + is decent. The higher your win rate theoretically the less buy ins you need in your bankroll.

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Razz Sit and Go Bankroll Management

Razz sit and go poker bankroll management is slightly different to multi table tournament bankroll management. You still need a pretty big roll but to be a professional player it’s suggest that a bankroll of 50 buy ins is enough. You’ll find a lot of pro players are closer to the 100 buy in mark but if you’re sure you’re beating a level then 50 should be just fine. Remember to make sure you take the rake into account when calculating your sit and go bankroll. Here’s what your bankroll should look like for the Razz SNG’s at PokerStars.com including the rake:

$1.10 – $55
$2.20 – $110
$3.30 – $165
$5.50 – $275
$11 – $550
$17 – $850
$22 – $1,100
$27 – $1,350
$33 – $1,650
$60 – $3,000
$109 – $5,450

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Razz Cash Game Bankroll Management

Cash games are cash games no matter what type of poker your playing so Razz poker bankroll requirements are pretty much the same as any other limit games bankroll requirements. When playing limit cash poker you should always have around 300 big blinds in your bankroll. For example if you’re playing in the $2/$4 fixed limit Razz ring games at PokerStars then you should be looking to have a bankroll of $1,200. You can get away with a little less, especially at the micro stakes, if you are a winning player. The higher up the stakes you go the deeper your bankroll needs to be, your win rate will inevitably be smaller and therefore you’ll suffer larger swings.

Razz Heads Up Bankroll Management

Heads up Razz bankroll management obviously depends on whether you are playing heads up SNG’s or heads up cash games. For heads up sit and go’s you should stick to the 50 buy in rule and for heads up cash games you should be sticking to the 300 big bets rule.

There are situations when playing heads up when it’s ok to deviate from these rules. Say you are playing a weak opponent who is tilting and wants to raise the stakes. In this kind of spot you’d be mad not to take a shot at a higher limit. You obviously don’t want to be taking outrageous shots at higher limits but moving up one of two limits with a fish when you are under bankrolled is pretty acceptable.

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