Limping In Razz From Early Position

PokerStars.comLiming in Razz is an issue which is debated at length even by the best Razz players around. As a player you have basically two options with the first being never ever limp and the second being develop a balanced limping strategy. People who do limp first into the pot when playing Razz are generally weak players, especially at the lower limits, good players isolate them and take the pot away from them on 3rd street or with a continuation bet on 4th street. If you do plan to limp a range of hands when first into the pot then you need to learn a balanced limping strategy. This article will show you what a balanced limping strategy in Razz is but also explain the benefits of never limping. You will find that in the lower stakes cash games and sit and go’s online the vast majority of players who limp are seriously weak and are there to give their money away!

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What Type Of Hands Can You Consider Limping In Razz

The general consensus, if you’re are someone who limps when playing Razz, is that you should be looking to limp in with hands that contain an 8 door card and two hole cards to a wheel. Hands like 34|8 or 25|7 for example. Anything stronger you should be raising with and anything weaker you should be folding. There is however a problem with this theory. It’s very exploitable and here’s why…

If good players realise that you are only ever limping with less than premium hands then they will begin to exploit you by raising you as a bluff when they are in position. You are then left with the option of folding or calling and both options kinda suck. If you fold you’ve been bluffed and if you call you are in a hand with no idea where you truly are without the betting lead, a highly unprofitable spot! You can counter this by doing one of two things; raising every hand you play when first to enter the pot or balancing your limping range.

Balancing Your Limping Range: Limp Re Raises

As mentioned above limping in Razz can be exploited by good players who realise what you are doing. You need to balance your range when limping in order to remain deceptive. If you throw in some limping with hands you plan to limp raise with then you will become much less exploitable as the players who were isolating you will fear you limp re raising them. The problem with this strategy is that you can end up limping and having no one raise so you end up in a small multi way pot. A really balanced strategy would mean that about 20% of the time you limp you are doing so with a premium hand planning to limp re rasie anyone who trys to isolate you.

Should You Limp When Playing Razz?

Should you limp in Razz is actually a hard question to answer, if you have a really good balanced limping range then you can certainly limp profitably when playing Razz. However it is a lot lot easier to just raise or fold when first to enter the pot. Adopting a raise or fold strategy will mean you make less mistakes than if you adopt a strategy which involves limping in.

The higher stakes you play the more aggressive the games become, you can get away with limping an un balanced range in most lower stakes games online but the more observant opponents you play against the more likely you are to be exploited. The low stakes Razz cash tables at are a complete joke, they are full of morons who are literally giving money away. It’s a great arena to practice playing Razz and maybe even slip in a few limps and limp re raises for deception.

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