Razz SNG’s vs Cash Games

PokerStars.comOn most of the major forums, especially the ones with dedicated Razz poker sections, there seems to be a debate going on in regards to Razz SNG’s vs Razz Cash Games. Many players seem to have a problem moving from the SNG arena onto the cash tables. If that’s you then don’t worry because this article is going to take a look at the Razz SNG vs cash game debate and suggest some reasons why sit and go players struggle when they move into cash games.

Softness of Games

From my own personal experience the Razz sit and go’s which run at Full Tilt are literally shark tanks, I’m yet to come across what I would consider a soft game at anything under the $50 level. As a result I play exclusively at Pokerstars and would suggest anyone who wants to play Razz does the same. PokerStars don’t run heads up Razz cash tables and as a result I think a lot of the better Razz players play at Full Tilt so they can play HU cash. The games at Pokerstars are without a doubt softer.

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Razz Win Rate

Before we take a look at some of the reasons why you might be struggling to move from SNG’s to cash games lets take a look at what would be considered a good win rate in both forms of the game. When playing Razz SNG’s a player with a good win rate will have an ROI (return on investment) of 15% or higher. So for every $10 tournament they play on average they will be winning $1.50. Good Razz poker cash game players can expect to win between 3 and 5 bb’s per 100 hands. If you’re not in either bracket yet then you probably need to concentrate on improving you overall game before you think about which format is best suited to your style. Check out our Razz strategy section for some help and our Razz bankroll management article to get your started.

Beating SNG’s but not Cash Games – What’s your problem?

There are three main reasons why some SNG players struggle to beat cash games, these apply to all games and not just Razz:

The first reason is tilt. If you don’t have emotional control when you’re at the table then you’ll lose money a lot quicker in cash games than you will when you play tournament poker. Being able to lose money quickly is not good for anyone who has tilt problems and you can loose much more than just a tournament buy in at the cash tables.

The second reason why SNG players can’t beat cash games is the fact that they don’t adjust to stack sizes properly. If you are 200 bb’s deep then the game changes massively, you can’t stack off the same way you can in a sit and go and when you do make a mistake in a really big pot it costs you a lot more than just one tournament buy in. The same goes for when players have really small stacks, not noticing stack size at the table and making a play to steal a pot from late position or try to bluff an opponent off the pot can be a major error if they have so few chips left that they are always calling.

The third reason SNG players struggle in cash games is because they don’t have a good enough understanding of implied odds. Implied odds take into account the odds you are getting from the pot as well as the money you will win if you make your hand. Sometimes in cash games it’s correct to call without correct pot odds because you will stack your opponent every time you make your hand winning enough money to more than justify the call. When playing sit and go poker stacks are much shorter and implied odds have little importance in many push fold situations.

If you are struggling in Razz cash games but can beat SNG’s then we suggest you try the cash games at PokerStars.com!