Razz Home Game Tournament Structures

This article will provide some different options for Razz home game tournament structures including both multi table tournaments and sit and go structures.

When you’re running a home game you need to take into account how many players will be attending and how long you actually want the tournament to last. Depending on both of the previous factors you might want to alter the structures below a little to suit the needs of your game. Unfortunity barely any brick and mortar casino’s spread Razz tournaments so the only place you’ll get a tournament going is if you run one yourself or play online. PokerStars is the without a doubt the best place to play Razz tournaments online, if you want more information about online Razz tournaments then hit this link: Play Razz online

Razz Multi Table Home Game Structure

Using the structure below you should be able to provide your players with a tournament that does’nt last too long but has a good amount of play in it. If you have 32 players then you should expext the structure below to take between 3.30 and 4 hours. If you have more players and don’t want the tournament to last longer than 4 hours then you should reduce the time each level is played for. If you have less than 32 players then add more time on if you want the tournament to play for about three hours. The structure below can be altered however you want to suit the needs of your home game just don’t expect it to last 4 hours if you only have 15 players.

Starting chips: 2,500

Format: Fixed Limit

Blind Structure:

Level Blinds Ante Mintues
1 25/50 5 20
2 50/100 5 20
3 75/150 10 20
4 100/200 10 20
5 150/300 15 20
6 200/400 20 20
7 300/600 30 20
8 400/800 40 20
9 500/1,000 50 20
10 600/1,200 60 20
11 800/1,600 80 20
12 1,000/2,000 100 20
13 1,200/2,400 120 20
14 1,600/3,200 160 20
15 2,000/4,000 200 20

Razz Sit and Go Home Game Structure

Using the Razz sit and go structure below a table of 8 players would be likely to play down to a winner in about the 2 hour mark, this is obviously dependant on how quick the game is dealt. The strucutre below should allow you plenty of time to have a decent Razz sit and go but also make sure that it doesn’t take forever to complete. If you have only 6 players then you might want to add a little time onto each level. More than 8 and you are going to have to run two tables so the structure above might suit you better. Remember the structures suggested are only a guide and you will need to make obvious alterations dependings on how many players you have.

Starting chips: 1,500

Format: Fixed Limit

Blind Structure:

Level Blinds Ante Mintues
1 10/20 2 15
2 20/30 4 15
3 40/80 8 15
4 60/120 12 15
5 80/160 16 15
6 100/200 20 15
7 150/300 30 15
8 200/400 40 15
9 300/600 60 15
10 400/800 80 15

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