How To Deal Razz Poker

PokerStars.comFor anyone looking to learn how to deal Razz poker this article should be right up your street. We will talk you through exactly how to deal a hand of Razz poker and at the end of the article will even link you to some suggest Razz tournament structures for if you’re planning your own Razz home game. Learning how to deal Razz isn’t that difficult at all and if you can already deal Seven Card Stud then you should have no problems getting to grips with dealing Razz.

Make sure you’re up to date with Razz poker hand rankings before you get into learning how to deal a hand of Razz, this article should help: ace to five hand rankings

Dealing Razz Poker

Any hand of Razz poker starts with all players posting an ante. Once this is done as the dealer you must now deal each player 3 cards two face down, known as hole cards and one face up known as the door card. Note: there is no button when playing Razz the player with the highest door card must always post the bring in and then play starts with the player directly to the left of the bring in.

If two players have the same value bring in card then suits are used to determine who must post the bring in. The suit rankings from highest to lowest are Spades, hearts, diamonds and lastly clubs. So if one player held the King of spades and the other held the King of clubs then the player with the King of spades would post the bring in. Remember when playing Razz aces are always low cards. If you are going to deal Razz poker then make sure you commit the suit rankings to memory because they do come into effect quite often.

After the bring in is posted a round of betting commences, following this it is then the dealers job to deal each remaining player another card face up. A round of betting follows but this time the player to act first is always the player who has the strongest hand visible to the table. At this point the strongest visible hand would be A-2.

At this point in the hand all players have 2 cards face down and 2 card face up. Another card face up is dealt followed by a round of betting this is known as 5th street. Following 5th street comes 6th street which is another face up card and a round of betting. 7th street is the final card you will need to deal to players and is always dealt face down not face up! The dealing of 7th street is followed by a betting round and a showdown.

If you’ve dealt a hand of Seven Card Stud before then you’ll have noticed that learning how to deal Razz is pretty much the same. Should you be planning a Razz poker home game then check out this article for some advice on the blind structure: Razz Blind Structures

Razz Community Card Rule

When dealing Razz you are using a standard 52 card deck. Razz is usually played at 8 handed tables and as a result if every player at the table decided to go all the way to 7th street then you’d need 56 cards which as the dealer you obviously don’t have. If you ever find yourself in this situation as a dealer the correct course of action is instead of dealing each player a seventh card you must use one card as a community card that is considered all players at the table 7th card. It’s hugely unlikely you’ll ever encounter this situation but if you do be sure to remember the community card ruling.

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