Limit Razz Rules and Where To Play

PokerStars.comRazz is a seven card poker game, much like 7 card stud, which uses the ace to five lowball poker hand rankings system. Limit Razz is the most popular form of the game and the only format of Razz poker that’s spread online. Razz doesn’t work to well as a pot limit or no limit game, unless your an absolute action junky, because equitys in all hands run pretty close and there five streets of play. Playing Razz as a pot limit or no limit game usually results in players getting all the money in on an early street with one player holding just a small edge, the game becomes a bit of a coin tossing competition. Playing Razz as a fixed limit game allows players to play down all streets and avoid the crazy variance that would come with no limit or pot limit Razz.

Play Limit Razz at

Limit Razz poker is available to play online at where the game is spread as an 8 player game and in the fixed limit format. Limit Razz rules are quite easy to get to grips with especially if you have some experience of playing seven card stud or seven card stud hi lo. The first thing you need to learn when learning limit Razz is the ace to five lowball hand rankings system. The ace to five rankings system dictates that the best possible hand is A-2-3-4-5, straights don’t count against your and neither do flushes. For a full breakdown of the ace to five system then hit this link: Ace to Five Hand Rankings Explained

Limit Razz Rules

Limit Razz starts out with each player at the table posting and ante. This is a very small forced bet which is used to start off the betting action, all players must ante up before they receive cards from the dealer. All players then get dealt three cards, two face down and one face up which is known as their door card. The player who’s showing the highest door card in the obliged to put in another forced bet known as as the bring in. If two players have the same door card showing then suites are used to determine who brings in the action. The suits are ranked as follows:

– Spades (highest ranking suit)
– Hearts
– Diamonds
– Clubs (lowest ranking suit)

The amount of the bring in varies from game to game but is usually about 25% of the upper betting limit. Once the action has been brought in a betting round starts with the player to the left of the bring in. After the betting round is completed remaining players then get dealt a fourth card face up (known as 4th street). The action starts with the player who shows the lowest exposed hand and a round of betting takes place.

During the first two betting rounds when playing Limit Razz players are restricted to betting and raising in the small bet amount. In a $2/$4 this amount is $2.

Once the betting round is completed players are then dealt another card face up. The action starts with the player showing the lowest hand and moves around the table in a clockwise direction. Fixed limit Razz poker rules dictate that once 5th street has be dealt players are able to bet and raise in the big bet amount. In a $2/$4 game that’s $4.

After 5th street players get dealt another face up card, known as 6th street, and another round of betting takes place. Finally 7th street is dealt face down so all players who remain in the pot have 3 cards face down and 4 cards face up. A betting round takes place followed by a showdown and the best hand according to the ace to five hand rankings is the winner. If two players have the same hand then the pot is split 50/50.

Where To Play Limit Razz Online

The best place to play limit Razz online is at, they have numerous cash tables running 24/7, plenty of SNG’s including heads up sit and go action as well as loads of good multi table tournaments. Full Tilt Poker offer limit Razz as well and is the only places to play heads up Limit Razz online. If you are planning to play limit Razz poker online then you should check out our dedicated section which compares the two best places to play Razz, visit the section using this link: Play Razz online