Razz Poker Sites – the best and the worst!

Razz is one of the most popular lowball poker games and since the introduction of Razz online the game has become more popular than ever. There are only a couple of decent Razz poker sites as the smaller networks and poker rooms spreading Razz just don’t have enough traffic to get the games running on a regular basis. This article will review the best Razz poker sites so you can decide where you want to play Razz online.

PokerStars is the worlds largest online poker site and as a result has the traffic to support Razz online like no other online poker site can. They have ring games running from the 25c50c level right up to $100/$200, plenty of sit and go action and the best Razz multi table tournaments by far including the fixed limit Razz Sunday $10,000 guaranteed.

Razz poker sites don’t get much better than PokerStars plus all new players get a $600 bonus when they sign up for a real money account.

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Full Tilt Poker
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Full Tilt Poker is PokerStars major competitor when it comes to Razz poker sites. They are also the only Razz poker site to spread heads up Razz cash games, so if heads up is your thing then Full Tilt is the place to play Razz. Their Razz ring games start at the 5c/10c level and top out on the Ivey Pipeline table where the stakes are $2000/$4000! They run Razz sit and go’s at multiple stakes and have a nice daily Razz tournament with a $26 buy in and a guaranteed prize pool of $2,000.

Claim your $600 100% deposit bonus at Full Tilt Poker!

Full Tilt and PokerStars both offer great Razz action, if you are looking for low stakes cash games then Full Tilt is going to be the best site for you but if you want better tournaments then the PokerStars and it’s $10k guaranteed Razz MTT will be right up your street.

Worst Razz Poker Sites

As we mentioned above there are some other poker sites spreading Razz games. Now we don’t like to give bad poker site reviews but sometimes we have to. One of the biggest is Ultimate Bet who had a great reputation in the online poker industry until it was revealed to players that ‘Super Users’ were operating in the online poker room. These ‘Super Users’ could actually see other players cards as well as their own. Since this information came to light players have avoided Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, who are on the same network, like the plague. We recommend you do the same and take your business to reputable brands such as PokerStars and Full Tilt who not only offer better Razz action but care about and protect their customers at all times from all forms of cheating.

The Merge poker network (Carbon Poker, Aced etc.) also spread Razz in their online poker rooms and whilst these are reputable companies, unlike Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker, they just don’t have enough traffic to get Razz tables running. I don’t think I’ve ever logged into Carbon Poker and found any Razz cash games running let alone MTT’s and SNG’s.

My personal favorite Razz poker site is actually PokerStars, they always have more traffic whenever I log on to play Razz and their $10k guaranteed Razz MTT is top notch, full of fish and easy to cash in.

Visit PokerStars now, you could be playing real money Razz in just minutes!

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