Team Pokerstars Players You Might Never Have Herd Of

PokerStars.comWe are sick of seeing player profiles of all the big names so we decided to put together a list of Team Pokerstars players you might never have herd of. For those that don’t know Team Pokerstars is a group of professional poker players sponsored by Pokerstars. They are sent to live events and TV tournaments to represent Pokerstars and to expose the Pokerstars brand.

Play with Team Pokerstars now

All of the Team Pokerstars pro’s can be found when they are playing online at Pokerstars using the Find a Pokerstars Team Pro function. To use this function open up the Pokerstars lobby, find the ‘Requests’ tab at the top of the lobby, scroll down the list until you find ‘Find a Pokerstars Team Player…’ option, once selected you can view all of the Team Pokerstars players who are currently online and see what tables they are playing by double clicking on there name (double click again on any table in the list to visit it).

Below is a list of the players we have written profiles on. All the profiles include a bit of information about the players background, their best WSOP, EPT and WPT results and a section which deals with their online earnings which when compared to live earnings can be interesting reading!

Team Pokerstars Pro list:

Arnaud Mattern – a French professional poker player who recently joined Team Pokerstars, he has some decent live tournament cashes and won the 2007 EPT Prague tournament.

Hevad Khan – The inventor of mass tabling, one of the craziest poker players ever and the classic Starcraft turned poker professional background.

Johannes Steindl – The only member of the Austrian Team Pokerstars, a cash game specialist online again with a Starcraft background.

Johnny Lodden – The original daddy of high stakes online poker. Johnny Lodden was playing $200/$400 no limit Holdem online before everyone including Ivey, Durrr and Antonius.

Lex Veldhuis – better known as ‘RaSZi’ online, once ran $300 up to over $100k in just two days.

Maridu Mayrinck – One of the few members of Team Pokerstars born in Brazil, ex blogger turned Poker pro.

Nicola Fedeli – Added to Team Pokerstars when they began trying to crack the Italian market. Fedeli only has a few cashes of note to his name but is tipped to achieve highly.

Rino Mathis – a Swiss poker veteran and master of European Circuit events, used to be a Full Tilt red pro but now represents Pokerstars.

Veronica Dabul – You’ve probably never herd of Veronica Dabul. She’s from Argentina, has cashed in the WSOP main event and kicks ass online in mid stakes MTT’s.

Vlad Zguba – From the Ukraine, plays on the European Poker Tour on a regular basis, one of the few winners both online and live.

William Thorson – impressive WSOP record, won over $2,200,000 in live tournaments and doesn’t do to badly online either.