3 Betting In Triple Draw

PokerStars.com3 Betting in Triple Draw is an essential part of the game and one that isn’t to hard to master but can become highly profitable if done correctly. This article will look at which hands to three bet when playing 2-7 Triple Draw and when you should 3 bet in 2-7 Triple Draw. It will also look at the kind of players who you should be targeting with your 3 bets. Before we get into the strategy stuff it’s important to note that PokerStars.com is the online online poker room where any Triple Draw action currently takes place, the games are as soft as … well you know and most players in them have no clue when it comes to 3 betting in Triple Draw.

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What Hands To Three Bet With In Triple Draw

There are two groups of hands that play well in 3 bet Triple Draw pots. The first, quite obviously, are pat hands which don’t require you to draw any cards to to improve. You should be three betting all of your pat hands pretty much regardless of your position at the table and the opponent you are up against.

The second group of hands you can consider 3 betting in Triple Draw are hands which contain 1 card draws. There are a couple of good reasons to be 3 betting with one cards draws. Firstly and most importantly if you only 3 bet with pat hands then good players will work this out and adjust to you accordingly meaning you have become far to predictable. Adding one card draws to your 3 betting range allows you to remain unpredictable and balance your pre draw range. The second reason to 3 bet one card draws is to isolate players and get the pot heads up. If a raise comes in from a player in late position who stealers frequently then you can go ahead and three bet your one card draws to take advantage of their wide stealing range. You can even sometimes 3 bet with 2 card draws in this situation depending on how loose or aggressive the original raiser is.

Benefits of 3 Betting in Triple Draw

One of the main benefits of 3 betting when playing Triple Draw is that you can build the pot and get more value from your big hands. If you 3 bet with a balanced range your opponents won’t know when you have it and don’t have it allowing you to build big pots with your big hands.

Three betting will also benefit you if you are in a situation in which aggressive players are sitting to your right and attempting to steal a lot. In this situation, like we mentioned above, you can three bet them with a wide range of hands and force them into conceding the pot to you.

3 betting against weak opponents can also be extremely beneficial and profitable in Triple Draw poker. If you three bet a weak calling station type player then you are forcing them to commit more chips than they intended to with a weak hand. There is noting better than 3 betting a fish with a strong pat hand and getting value out of a bet all the way through a hand.

3 betting is awesome for your table image as well because the more you do it the more frustrated the players you are 3 betting will become. The more frustrated your opponents are the more likely they are to make big mistakes which result in you winning big pots. Regular players seem to go mad in three bet pots, they feel uncomfortable and end up losing big pots because they don’t know how to adjust with you. The more you 3 bet the more likely you are to get paid off when you do have a big hand.

The number of times I’ve seen regular players in the Triple Draw games at Pokerstars explode when they get three bet is unreal. I would say to anyone that isn’t playing Triple Draw online at PokerStars ‘Test the water my friends it’s brimming with carp!’

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