Omaha Hi Lo Poker History and Where To Play

PokerStars.comOmaha Hi Lo poker is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of poker both online and offline. The games at are running 24/7 over a range of stakes that start at just the 1c/2c level and top out at $75/$150. Omaha Hi Lo at Pokerstars is spread as a fixed limit, pot limit and no limit game. It’s no surprise that the boom in popularity of Omaha high has something to do with the rise in Omaha Hi Lo players. This article will deal with Omaha Hi Lo poker history and where to play Omaha Hi Lo online.

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Omaha Hi Lo Poker History

The history of Omaha Hi Lo begins around the start of the Second World War when community card poker games first became popular. Texas Holdem has always been the most prominent community card poker game but Omaha is fast catching up. During the 1980’s Robert Turner, a professional poker player from California, is said to have introduced the game of Omaha to Golden Nugget card room manager and pro poker player William ‘Bill’ Boyd. As a result Boyd started to spread the game in the Golden Nugget labeling it ‘Nugget Holdem’, a name which obviously would never stick.

In 1984 the first Omaha Hi event was introduced into the WSOP as a limit event with a $1,000 buy in which was won by poker legend David Sklansky. However it’s not until 1991 that Omaha Hi Lo poker was added to the WSOP schedule. In 1991 event 17 was the Limit Omaha Hi Lo Event, it had a $1,500 buy in and was won by Joseph Becker who took down the $119,400 first place prize money. By 1991 there were 3 Omaha Hi events as well as the Omaha Hi Lo tournament.

Between 1991 and now Omaha and Omaha Hi Lo have both seen a massive spike in popularity partly due to there generally being more people who play poker now but also partly due to the fact that poker players are bored with No Limit Texas Holdem and are looking to other poker variants to find weak games and increase their win rate. All variations of Omaha look set to have an extremely bright future, especially online.

Where To Play Omaha Hi Lo Online

Pokerstars is without a shadow of a doubt the best place to play Omaha Hi Lo poker online. You will find the game spread at the vast majority of poker sites but the sheer volume of traffic that Pokerstars attract makes it by far the best Omaha Hi Lo poker site. At the time of writing this article there are well over 70 Omaha Hi Lo cash tables running, loads of sit and go’s ranging from a $1.20 buy in to $2090 and a load of different Omaha Hi Lo MTT’s running including a $1k, $1.5k, $2k, $3k and $5k guaranteed.

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