Razz Poker History and Where to Play

Razz Poker Champ Barry BreensteinRazz Poker is a version of 7 Card Stud where the lowest hand, according to Ace to Five lowball rankings, is awarded the pot at showdown. Razz Poker is also the most popular variant of lowball poker played today. The game has a rich history, having been offered every year at the World Series of Poker since the WSOP originated, with the only exception being the second annual World Series of Poker (1974) which had only two events due to short planning. Three members of the WSOP’s exclusive club of Main Event Winners also hold an additional bracelet they won in Razz Poker events: Doyle Brunson, Huck Seed and Tom McEvoy, while 2001 Main Event winner Carlos Mortensen fell just short of this accomplishment when he finished as the runner-up in a 2006 WSOP Razz Poker Event.

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A great thing about Razz Poker is it is a game many fish have a fighting chance on hand to hand, as an element of luck certainly applies. However, over the long haul, odds average out, and the best players capture the most money. If there is any doubt Razz Poker is a game of skill, take a look at our archived WSOP Razz Poker Champions and see for yourself. We already mentioned the four WSOP Main Event winners with Razz Poker success, other Razz Poker WSOP bracelet winners include 7-time WSOP bracelet winner Billy Baxter, 5-time WSOP bracelet winner Ted Forrest, 3-time bracelet winner Barry Greenstein (2008) and Jeffrey Lisandro who picked up one of the three bracelets won at the 2009 WSOP in a Razz Poker event.

In Razz Poker, despite the best players winning the most often, the game is populated by entire schools of fish, especially in the online games hosted at PokerStars.com. Once again, this is a game where the illusion of it being all about luck and suck-outs is present. This of course attracts the casino minded gamblers and degenerates, while giving the best players a larger window of profit potential. With five betting rounds, as opposed to three in Texas Hold’em and other flop games, there is a lot more opportunity to make profit each hand in Razz than there is in Hold’em or Stud.

The most brilliant part of Razz Poker is that it is an easy game to master. With the games being so soft, a player with a good understanding of poker theory can often do well in Razz Poker, while a math minded player with strong memorization and observation skills should be able to crush most Razz Poker games online.

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The top online website for playing Razz Poker is PokerStars.com. As the world’s largest online poker site, they have the most traffic. This also holds true to Razz Poker where micro limit to mid stakes games run around the clock, and generally a few tables as high as 30/60 will be running at the same time.

To play Razz Poker online get started at the PokerStars website.

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